Ice cream treats

Today I went to the cinema and instead of my usual coffee treat I decided that I wanted something a little more than that so decided to have some Ben & Jerry’s ice cream. I felt that I needed the sugar fix after giving blood today and was starting to feel a little light headed..

Obviously I was going to have two scoops and, after browsing the selection that they had, I opted for Cherry Garcia and Satisfy My Bowl. I managed to refrain from eating the ice creamy goodness until I entered the dark cinema screen which meant that I was not aware of which flavour was going to be coming my way with each spoonful. Nevertheless the ice cream was extremely enjoyable.

I have often struggled to find a decent banana flavoured ice cream since the days of working in the Room Service department where my pastry chef friend would often allow me to have some dessert at the end of my shifts. The Satisfy My Bowl most certainly did, with it’s banana ice cream, chunks of cookie and chocolate pieces, and the Cherry Garcia paired well with it.

This flavour combination worked so well and is definitely a #franrecommends



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