Steak nights

What is it with men and their meat?  It’s almost as if they feel they have something to prove by eating a big hunk of meat, and I find that they often tend to have it cooked as little as possible. There’s something slightly caveman about it all..

Having said that though, a home cooked steak dinner always goes down well with my man. Tonight I made him a rump steak with my usual garnish of vine tomatoes with a selection of veg as the sides (photo below of tonight’s dinner). In the past I have always been able to cook them about medium-rare, which is how we like them, however these were quite thick so we had to put them back on the pan for a few more minutes as they were a bit too on the rare side!

My favourite cut of steak is definitely a rib-eye. And this has to be cooked medium-rare. Anything more or less than this spoils the quality of the meat. A lot of people don’t like rib-eyes due to the fact that it can be quite fatty, however this is what makes the steak. When the steak has been cooked well, the fats moisten the steak and make it juicy. So if you don’t like your steak to contain any obvious fat in it then the rib-eye is not the one to go for! I used to always choose a fillet if that was available on the menu but found that this was not as juicy as my new favourite, the rib-eye.

If I go to a restaurant and order a steak, my favourite side order to go with it would always be twice cooked chips or some kind of chips which has been cooked more than once. We went to Hawksmoor on the weekend and I tried their twice cooked chips but I felt that they had been cooked more than the twice that had been advertised on the menu and I didnt enjoy them if I am being honest.. What you will start to find with me is that I am quite particular about my food. I know what I like and how I like it, and if things are to my liking then I can get quite grumpy about it. With my steak at Hawksmoor, I also chose to have two fried eggs with my steak and they were okay, but a bit on the small side. Perhaps they were quail’s eggs…

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