Homemade lasagne

There’s nothing more satisfying than enjoying a meal that you have cooked yourself. I rarely cook at home and if I do then it’s usually something quite simple and that requires minimal effort as I don’t like slaving away for hours on a meal that’s going to be completely demolished within five minutes.

Today I decided to spend my last day off before my return to work tomorrow at home and tried to chill out. I made baked goods in the form of a gingerbread cake and stem ginger biscuits (I like ginger in my cakes if it wasn’t obvious…) and decided to make a hearty lasagne for dinner as my older sister was coming over for dinner after she finished work.

It has been such a while since I last made lasagne. I used to eat it so much when I was younger and it was my dish of choice whenever me and my best friend used to go out for a bite to eat. In fact I think the last time I made it was when I was in my final year at Uni (many years ago..) and my best friend came up to Manchester for a night out and we made lasagne to line our stomachs prior to drinking..

I really wanted to make a chicken lasagne however when I suggested this to my man he pulled a face as if he did not approve so I went back to the beef mine lasagne. The only reason I didnt want to use beef mine is because it makes me feel a bit sick when I am cooking it and there is loads of fat at the bottom on the pan..however I chose my mince carefully today (5% fat) and it was tasty. I put a spinach layer in between the layers of mincey ragu and lasagne sheets which turned out really well and gave us that additional hit of vitamins that was missing from the side order. The spinach also added a nice touch of colour to the food as well. The sauce was made from chopped tomatoes, a carton of passata, a big squeeze of tomato puree and a few splashes of Worcester sauce. I always cram in as many vegetables as possible when making any form of pasta dish, mainly because pastas tend to be an all in one dish meal and making other veg side orders to go with it doesnt realy make sense. Not to me anyway. So I always put in onions, mushrooms, courgettes and something carrots. When my mum used to make lasagne for us when we were younger, she would add a layer of boiled eggs in it! And you thought that I was weird with things that I do…

All in all, my first homemade lasagne for a while was delish. I will probably use fresh lasagne sheets next time as the top layer always feels a bit uncooked and too crunchy for my liking. I will try and master the white sauce as well as this one didn’t really do much and smelt too floury. Nevertheless, happy bellies all around 🙂


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