Hot Cross Buns

So every year, without fail, I spend the run up to Easter weekend scoffing hot cross buns. And teacakes. But let’s face it – teacakes are pretty much the same as hot cross buns.. just without the cross on the top of it. Right?

I came across a selection of a tasty buns whilst doing a mini shop in Aldi the other day and, being the little piggy that I am, picked up a packet of the chocolate and toffee fudge ones. They also had orange and cranberry but I didn’t fancy those.

My willpower lasted one day and I ended up eating them all after work on Thursday with my boyfriend. They were completely smothered in butter after a quick stint in the toaster. Coupled with a cup of tea, they were absolutely heavenly.

Of course I have been back to Aldi since to purchase another packet (or two).. Until next year for these yummy hot cross treats! #franrecommends



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