Slow Cooker Lamb

Tonight was date night with the boy and as he is going away for the weekend to Amsterdam with the lads I thought I would make something a bit nicer for him. So I made his favourite – lamb.

As someone who isn’t all that familiar with making lamb, I opted for a slow cooker cooking option as you can’t really go wrong with that. Well, all of my slow cooker jobs have been a success anyway. So after work last night I went to Tesco to purchase some of the goods in order to make my slow cooker beauty. Coincidentally Tesco had an offer on lamb so it wasn’t as expensive as I had anticipated as lamb is often a pricier bit of meat which is probably why I don’t buy it that often. I got some carrots, mushrooms, red onions, garlic and fresh rosemary.

The carrots and onions were chopped into chunks and thrown into the slow cooker, with the mushrooms put in whole. I made incisions in the lamb shoulder which I then inserted the lamb and garlic cloves into, covered the whole lot with a carton of passata, half a litre of stock and left it on a low heat for six hours.

When I returned it apparently smelt good, according to my other half, but I wasn’t convinced. When I was younger, one of the things that put me off lamb was the smell of it, which I have never quite gotten used to. So I started scooping out the fat which was floating on the top of the slow cooker concoction and then spooned out a lot of the liquid. After that I squirted about half a tube of tomato puree into it and then a few generous splashes of lea and perrins. These were the final touches which made the dish what it was, and coupled with some savoy cabbage which I boiled in a pan it was most delightful.

The boy enjoyed it so that’s all that matters.



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