Yang Sing – cookery class

Today was a good day. When I left my last work place, my colleagues bought me a really thoughtful present – a cookery class at Yang Sing, a well known Chinese restaurant in Manchester which has appeared on one of Gordon Ramsay’s programmes in his quest to find the best restaurants around the UK. 

So the class lasted about three hours and we were a variety of people: myself and my boyfriend, a mother and daughter from Glasgow, a father and son from Northampton, and three other gents from random places. It consisted of three components: dim sum, roasting and wok cooking. 

Dim Sum

Here we learnt how to make the classic dim sum siu mai and har gau, spring rolls and beef dumplings. All of this food we got to eat afterwards so I made sure to put a little bit more effort in when I attempted mine. 


The next bit took us to Yang Sing’s upstairs kitchen which is entirely devoted to roasting. We were talked through their duck roasting process today which included all of us sticking our hands up a duck’s bum! 

Wok Wizardry

This part of the class was the most intense, mainly due to the heat in the kitchen. The woks here were bigger than I have ever seen and the power coming form the gas underneath was incredible. Here we were shown how to make a beef in black bean sauce followed by a fried rice dish. We chose to both make the beef dish, which I personally opted for as it looked easier than the fried rice dish. The chef made it look so easy however it definitely was not! The end result was very very tasty though!

This cookery class was really enjoyable and I highly recommend it for anyone who wants to learn more about Chinese cooking. It’s a great way to spend a Saturday afternoon, especially if it’s going to be a rainy one which, with it being Manchester, is more than likey to happen. If anyone asks you what you would like for Christmas or for your birthday then this would be a perfect idea and definitely something different




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