What to have for breakfast…in Kensington!

Breakfast is always a hard one to call. It’s especially a tough one when you’re staying away from home and don’t know where to go for that first meal of the day. I often find that when I am away and looking for something for breakfast, I crave something hot. I use my trust TripAdvisor app as a guide to assist me in my breakfast quest and I have not been disappointed as of yet.

Earlier this year in March, we went to London for a few nights. The one breakfast that sticks out in my mind, and the breakfast that I would claim is the best breakfast I have ever had, is the one we had in a place called Kensington Square Kitchen. We used Trip the previous night to arrange our breakfast venue and worked out how to get there using the Tube. I misread something or misunderstood something but for some reason I thought that this place was close to the Natural History Museum.. which it wasn’t. It is located in a nicer area of London where all of the cars parked in and around the square of the cafe are either Mercedes, BMW or Range Rovers, which, to me, indicates the kind of area that you are in.

We made a reservation for breakfast however it was not necessary. There is a downstairs area of the cafe too however, personally, the upper seating area that is on the same level as the entrance is much nicer. There was also a big table of young children sitting downstairs so I was grateful to have been seated upstairs!

Looking through the menu is the hardest part. Whenever I see avocado on a menu, I feel like I must have whatever dish includes it as otherwise I feel like I am missing out. I was definitely torn between having my usual Eggs Royale and the egg and bacon burger with avocado, but, as you can probably guess from my previous comment, I went for the breakfast burger. And I was NOT disappointed!

It might look like just a bit of avocado, a bit of a bacon and a fried egg but it’s not. The combination of the three components in a soft white bun worked really well together, with the soft consistency of the avocado working well against the crunch of the bacon. What I liked about this breakfast burger is that I didn’t even have to ask for the bacon to be cooked a bit more which is the way that I like it.

This breakfast was £35 for the two of us which includes two cooked breakfasts and two coffees each. One of our more expensive breakfasts however it was definitely worth it, so if you are looking for a little treat first thing in the morning then look no further than Kensington Square Kitchen @kskrestaurant




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