This morning I am really craving something sweet. And following my last blog on pa amb tomaquet, my food trail of thought remains in Spain where I had my first taste of churros con chocolate. To me, churros is the Spanish take on doughnuts which can be eaten as they are, coated in sugar, or accompanied with a thick hot chocolate, which is my favourite.

Throughout my year abroad I ate a lot of these bad boys. They are a firm favourite during the Christmas markets in the country and extremely moreish!

When we went to Barcelona last year for a week, I was craving churros for pretty much the entire holiday. Of course, I referred to my trust friend Trip to help me to find somewhere where I could indulge in this sweet treat. Why did I use Trip and not just pop in to the first place that I saw advertising churros in the window? The reason is is because I didn’t want to be disappointed. What I have found that is quite often the places that have signs for churros in their windows aren’t really great which leaves me feeling grumpy.

Trip directed us to a place called Granja M. Viader, and it was perfect for what we wanted. Upon entering, it can be quite intimidating as the majority of the staff are older and don’t speak much English. Once you have found yourself a table then you can peruse the menu to see what delights they have on offer.

The interior is quite old school, and by that I mean this is how I envisage an old American diner to look like. The service is quite quick and what I find is that if you’re not ready to order when they first come over to you then you’re left waiting longer than you would like to be, so a bit of advice is to have an idea of what you would like before you go so that you can order quickly!

Of course I ordered the churros with a cup of thick, hot chocolate and I was not disappointed. Trip did not let me down!

The portion of churros come in fours which is more than enough for one person but if you’re greedy like me then you will want more (and yes I did order another one!). The chocolate was so thick and had a slightly bitter note to it which worked so well with their sugary churros.

Another thing to try in Granja M Viader is their Cacaolat, which is a chocolatey milk drink served hot or cold. Why is this something to try here when you can buy these distinctly yellow labelled bottles in the supermarkets in Spain? Well because this beverage was invented here so where better to try it!

There is only so much I can go on about churros so I think I better leave this here now and leave you all to make up your own mind. Granja is really easy to get to, get off the metro at Liceu and you will soon find your way. This cafe is the perfect stop off when you’re looking for that little something to keep you going in between breakfast and lunch or lunch and dinner… or just when you want some tasty churros!



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