Brunch in… Alderley Edge

There are so many places that offer brunch these days that it is often hard to choose which one is the best to go to. My Instagram feed consists mainly of food places and pictures of food so I usually refer to this feed as inspiration of where to go, as well as my trusty friend Trip. Last weekend it brought us to brunch in the Botanist.

The Botanist is a quirky concept which I have been to a few times for lunch and dinner in both Manchester and Chester where my go to menu choice is the deli board. When I saw that they were now offering a brunch menu on the weekends of course I wanted to go and try it out! So I did 😉

Their brunch has a variety of options including smashed avocado on toast, pancakes and, of course, the full English. And I know what you’re thinking – she went for the one that has avocado in it. Not on this occasion you will be surprised to hear! I was torn between the breakfast hash, due to the fact that the Botanist had helpfully posted a video of the hash making process on their Instagram that morning, and the full English.

And there they are. I had the full English and Alex had the breakfast hash. I was definitely not disappointed. I don’t tend to go for a full English as there is always something that doesn’t sit well with me or one of the components is cold etc…, you get where I am going with this right? But this ticked all of the boxes. The bacon was cooked just the way I like it (on the crispy side), the yolks of both of the eggs were runny and, most importantly, the food was steaming hot as opposed to being just warm. The home made ketchup was especially tasty. I ate everything apart from the black pudding. I did try it and give it a go but I just didn’t like it. Perhaps another time I will be able to appreciate the taste of black pudding, but on this occasion I just politely pushed it to the side of my plate.

We paired our breakfasts with flat whites which gave us the caffeine hit that we needed to wake us up, as well as warm us up on the cold Saturday morning that it was.

The Botanist we visited is located on the main road in Alderley Edge, London Road, which is easily accessible from the train station but there is also a Waitrose with a car park directly opposite if you’re planning on driving there. Brunch is served from 10am on the weekends and, although there is quite a bit of competition in the village, it is definitely worth a visit if you fancy brunch with a difference.



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