The Flamin’ Rooster in Tatton Park

The weekend took us to the Foodies Festival which was in Tatton Park, Knutsford. It took place over three days and we went on the Sunday, probably the busiest and hottest day of the event.

We walked through Tatton Park from the car park on King Street which was nice when we were walking towards the festival as it was nice and cool but the day soon heated up and the walk back to the car seemed like the longest trek ever! Perhaps next time we will pay the £6 to park in the car park on the grounds..

Upon entering the festival, you enter a stage of mini-panic as you don’t know where to start and which way to go first. It would have been an idea to buy one of their festival guides however where to purchase one of these was not exactly clear so we just wandered around looking at what there was to offer. We quickly located a couple of ice cream stands and also a few grills which were potentials for lunch.

Alex decided to have himself a juicy steak sandwich from a place called Boy Meats Grill or something like that but I had my eye on sweet potato fries. I left the boy in the queue for his super sandwich and I went back to look for the place that sold the SP fries. As I guessed, the queue was pretty long. But to be fair we did decide to start queuing for food at 1.30pm, so obviously everyone else is going to be thinking the same thing.

So I had a little more than just the SP fries. I had a chicken wrap to go with it as I thought it has taken me thing long to get to the front of the queue, I don’t want to spend the same amount of time queuing for something else. Having said that though, the staff at the Flamin’ Rooster stand had a good system going. Two people taking orders and payments, one person on the back doing sweet potato fries and making the wraps, and two guys on the main grill section looking after all of the meats.

The wrap was packed with big chunks of chicken breast, which I would have preferred hot or at least warm, in a sticky maple glaze and wrapped up with coleslaw. The wrap was huge and was a two handed job. Due to the size of the wrap, it was not possible to hold the fries in one hand whilst eating the wrap, especially standing up! Some of the chicken was a little on the dry side which was a bit disappointing but on the plus side, because the SP fries had just come out of the fryer when I placed my order, the fries were still nice and hot when I went to eat them. Due to the size of the wrap, I overfaced myself. I ate the majority of the fries as, with my avocado situation, if I see sweet potato fries on the menu and I don’t go for them then I feel cheated

The Flamin’ Rooster had a lot to offer on their menu, which included lamb, ribs, chicken etc.. All grilled on the day and the wait wasn’t too painful either. The staff were lovely, which is always nice to see. If there is a food festival coming soon to a place near you then the Flamin’ Rooster is probably going to be there. They often have stalls at outdoor food festivals and rightly so! Especially on the sunnier days where BBQ are the perfect food to pair with the weather.


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