Breakfast in… Birmingham!

A few weekends ago I met up with a friend from Uni in the lovely city of Birmingham. Obviously I researched where to go for dinner and for breakfast, however it was my friend Helen who suggested our breakfast place. And what a great suggestion it was as well!

Boston Tea Party is the name of the our breakfast venue that Sunday morning. It took us a while to find it, mainly because neither of us were familiar with our surroundings, but once we found our bearings afterwards we couldn’t believe how it had taken us so long! Of course I had a sneak peak of the menu before we went to BTP, purely to ensure that there was going to be something that I wanted to eat on the menu.

When you enter BTP the first thing that you will pass is a big counter. This was full of cakes and pastries when we were there, and this same counter is where you place your orders. It is quite informal when you are there and you seat yourself at a table of your choice as opposed to waiting for someone to greet you and seat you.

The breakfast menu, which is served all day, consists of a variety of food stuffs, from The Boss brunch, kedgeree, eggs benedict to lighter options like greek yogurt or brown rice pudding. As you have probably already guessed, I chose something with avocado which was the smoked salmon, scrambled eggs and avocado on sourdough toast. With a flat white.

And there it is. It looked too good to eat, but I was particularly hungry that morning after having spent about half an hour walking around Birmingham trying to find our breakfast place! I am exaggerating, of course. There was a good amount of avocado, salmon and eggs on the plate. I would have liked the toast to have been buttered a bit more but I am quite picky with buttered toast. So that’s just a personal preference. The smoked salmon was very delicate and was very melt in the mouth, pairing really nicely with the avocado which was just the right softness.

BTP, unfortunately, do not take reservations for any tables which are less than six so there’s always a chance that you might not get a table when you decide to go. Having said that though, it is a good sized place with plenty of seating. The breakfast is very reasonably priced with mine coming in at just over £10.

Next time I go to Birmingham, I will be sure to visit again. Especially as I spied a counter full of freshly baked cakes both when we entered and left. It left me wanting a baked treat however as I was pleasantly full from the breakfast, I felt that buying a cake was a bit greedy of me.

Details of this lovely breakfast place below.

0121 236 2972




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