Byron Burger in Birmingham 🍔

I don’t often crave a burger or opt to have a burger when it’s a choice on the menu, however when I am in the mood for one then it’s got to be a good one and I’m nit satisfied until I have had it.

This happened a couple of Sundays ago when the only thing I wanted to eat was a big fat juicy burger. It was quite late in the evening and I knew we were going to struggle finding somewhere that was still serving food.. fortunately Byron was happy to welcome us in and look after us – perfect for me and my burger fix!

There were many burger options available and being the fatty that I am, I went for the double bacon burger with a side order of sweet potato fries. Oh yes, and additional avocado on the burger too. We didn’t wait that long for the food to come however the server was quite apologetic about the delaywhen he brought it over.

And there they are. The picture doesn’t do the burgers any justice if you ask me and you definitely can’t see how big they are from the only one picture that I have of them. The additional avocado added to the tower that was my burger and it was a big struggle to pick it up to eat. However it was amazing. The patties were nice and moist, the bacon was crunchy (just how I like it), the burger bun soft, the avocado adding a “healthy” element to it. The liquid cheese on the burger which they refer to a Freddar was also quite tasty. All burgers come with a nice chunk of pickle which I munched on after eating my beast of a burger purely because I had to use both hands to hold the burger otherwise it would have fallen apart.

For the two of us it came to about £30. Two burgers and two side orders. It might seem like quite a lot of money for not a lot of food however you are paying for good quality burgers so I wouldn’t hesitate to pay this amount again!

The bill was presented with two gummy burgers which was a great touch. My boyfriend thought that this was a great marketing idea (he works in that field) and also didn’t hesitate to gobble the sweetie burgers down! The server who looked after us was lovely – couldn’t remember his name – and this place is worth a visit if you fancy a good burger with good service. It’s a relatively new Byron on New Street and they’re doing a good job! Keep up the good work that you have started and see you soon 🙂